ISOKO Institute is an independent think tank based in Kigali, whose mission is to promote development in Africa through entrepreneurship and private enterprise. Africa is home to some of top fastest growing economies in the world in the past decade. The continent is rapidly transforming into a powerful global economic force. We believe a vibrant private sector is essential to economic growth and development in Rwanda and other countries in Africa.

The ISOKO Institute uses different platforms to shine a light on Africa’s vibrant private sector and opportunities on the continent. We encourage entrepreneurs and investors to launch new businesses and to test their innovations in Africa’s marketplace. At the same time, we accelerate the impact of these on-ground innovations by providing a platform for business leaders, scholars, advocates, and teachers to vigorously research results, to recognize inspiring role models and to promote the most ethical practices.

ISOKO (which means a “marketplace” in Kinyarwanda) is dedicated to engaging and provide a platform for business leaders, academic teams, governments, journalists and our members for discussions on promoting investments across Africa. Each year, the ISOKO institute runs private and public events from conferences to roundtables in Kigali and around the world to promote private enterprise and entrepreneurship in Africa.