The ISOKO Institute was established to promote enterprise solutions to poverty, new business creation, and business training in Rwanda and Africa. ISOKO serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurs and investors to launch new businesses and to test their innovations in Africa’s marketplace. At the same time, ISOKO accelerates the impact of these on-the-ground innovations by providing a platform for scholars, advocates, and teachers to vigorously research results, to recognize inspiring role models and to promote best practices.

ISOKO seeks to serve a variety of clients, including:

  • Universities and Researchers
  • Students, Recent College Graduates, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs and Investors
  • Corporations and Business Professionals
  • Governments and Nonprofit Organizations

ISOKO promotes action-driven, market tested innovation. ISOKO creates a platform to accelerate the impact of initiatives that encourage:

  1. Research and advocacy for new enterprise developments and to promote innovative private sector solutions to Africa’s greatest challenges,
  2. Foreign and domestic investment in promising African enterprises providing essential, market-driven products and services, and
  3. Teachers and trainers to prepare Africa’s aspiring young businesspeople to be entrepreneurs and managers capable of creating jobs and prosperity.

Why ‘Isoko’? Isoko means ‘marketplace’ in Rwanda’s native language, Kinyarwanda.

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ISOKO is funded by grants from the S.E.VEN Fund and Bridge2Rwanda.